The Bronx County Kennel Club Show

I was looking forward to getting back in the show ring, Rocky and I had not been to a show since Westminster week. Today we were off to the Bronx County Kennel Club Show in Edison, NJ.  However when I got the ring time for this show I wasn’t so sure: 8:15AM, really? With a traveling time of an hour and a half, I would have to get up before 5AM to make it there. I did not mind getting up and leaving in the dark all that much but I know Rocky is not an early … [Read more...]

Westminster Diaries, 2014 : The 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Begins

I did not sleep very well and woke up at 5AM. I was concerned about getting to the piers because last year the traffic was terrible and it took an hour to get there. It was also a little disorganized and no one seemed to know where to go. So I wanted to leave plenty of time, we rallied and off we went at 6:30AM. This year it was a breeze and we were inside and at our bench at 7AM. Traffic was light and we went in the correct entrance, it was easy and … [Read more...]

Westminster Diaries, 2014 : The Chihuahua Club of Greater New York Show (Day 2)

One more show before Westminster. Rocky and I were both tired and I think Rocky would have preferred to stay in bed. Margaret and I went to the show together. Jim got to stay in bed. It was very crowded at the specialty show. I was hardly paying attention by this time. Rocky showed beautifully as always but we did not do anything. It was nice to see some friends but as soon as we finished up and we went to lunch at the hotel. The rest of the day was spent … [Read more...]

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, 2014

It's that time of year again! The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is around the corner! Grand Champion El Grande Rock of Love Bobchi, AKA Rocky is entered and ready to go. This will mark Rocky's third appearance at this famous show, in 2010 Rocky won an Award of Merit. I am proud to say; 2013 was a good year for Rocky and me. He was ranked the #2 Smooth Coat Chihuahua in Pennsylvania and ranked #2 Owner-Handler as well. … [Read more...]

Rocky wins again at Lehigh Valley shows; Finishes year as second ranked Smooth Coat Chihuahua in Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Valley Kennel Club and The Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club always have their shows around Christmas time. The atmosphere is festive and fun. Unfortunately the entries were very low this year. There were only four Smooth Coat Chihuahuas entered. Rocky won breed both days which was nice. It was very pleasant not to have to travel very far, the shows were ten minutes from my house. The weather was also quite snowy. … [Read more...]

The Valley Forge Kennel Club and a very bad snowstorm

It was four days before my birthday and I was feeling pretty good about the upcoming Valley Forge Kennel Club Shows.  Saturday December 6th was a lovely day, sunny and not too cold. Rocky and I were ready to go. The competition that day looked to me like an easy win for the "Rock Star", but it was not meant to be. The judge who was a very sweet gentleman, commented on how nice Rocky was and then choose the least likely winner, the class bitch over two … [Read more...]

Rocky Wins Again at Back Mountain and Penn Treaty Kennel Clubs

We were off to Bloomsburg for the Back Mountain Kennel Club shows November 2nd and 3rd, could Rocky keep up his winning streak? Yes indeed, Rocky took breed both days, each was a three point major win. It was a good weekend. It was also great to see some old friends. I am so pleased that Rocky is doing so well. I entered two of the four shows in Oaks, at the expo center, maybe I should have entered the whole weekend. On November 14th at the Penn … [Read more...]

The Blue Mountain Cluster of Dog Shows: Pocono Mountain, Lehigh Valley & Berks County

The first annual "Blue Mountain Cluster" of dog shows was held Sept. 12th through the 15th. The entries were low again, sign of the times perhaps? Maybe it is just getting too expensive. But there were still enough dogs for the "Rock Star" to gain some points in the ring. The first and second shows were held by the Pocono Mountain Kennel Club. Rocky strutted his stuff quite nicely and took the win on Thursday. Friday he lost to another seasoned veteran. … [Read more...]

Rocky Wins Again The Sussex Hills Kennel Club Dog Show

Grand Champion El Grande Rock of Love Bob Chi still has it! Rocky took the breed win at The Sussex Hills Kennel Club Dog Show, Sunday, September 1st. I am so happy Rocky is doing well, he really loves to show. There was not a large entry but he still won over the professional handler in the ring, she was not too happy! So proud of the "Rock Star" Next four shows this weekend in Macungie, Pa. Hoping for good things! … [Read more...]

Rocky wins Breed at the Bryn Mawr Kennel Club show

It was so great to get Rocky back in the ring again. I have not shown him in a year since I was putting all my effort into getting Bill's Grand Championship. Now that Bill is done I am happy to work with my "Rock Star" again. I am so proud of this special dog who is always top notch in the show ring, he always shows so beautifully! I am looking forward to many more shows and wins! Look out everyone, Rocky is back! … [Read more...]

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2012

I showed Rocky this year at the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show as a Grand Champion! The competition was fierce, and DeeDee the # 1 smooth coat took breed, a repeat of last year. We hit all the specialty shows and the Doggie Fashion show which can only be described as colorful and a bit crazy! This year we stayed at the Eventi Hotel, which I highly recommend. Rocky was the center of attention in their gorgeous lobby. We had a blast! You … [Read more...]