The Valley Forge Kennel Club and a very bad snowstorm

Rocky wins Group 1st at Valley Forge Kennel ClubIt was four days before my birthday and I was feeling pretty good about the upcoming Valley Forge Kennel Club Shows.  Saturday December 6th was a lovely day, sunny and not too cold. Rocky and I were ready to go. The competition that day looked to me like an easy win for the “Rock Star”, but it was not meant to be. The judge who was a very sweet gentleman, commented on how nice Rocky was and then choose the least likely winner, the class bitch over two Grand Champion specials. Her owner-handler was pleasantly surprised to say the least! So we were done early.

I stayed for awhile and enjoyed the company of fellow dog people, I helped out with the Japanese chin crowd. It was a fun although a little disappointing day. Maybe tomorrow would be better.

On Sunday we were on at the same time, 9AM, so we arrived early, if we won today it would be a long day. That was fine with me, the weather report did not seem that bad even though a small amount of snow was predicted. Rocky showed beautifully and took the breed under a lady judge I had never seen before. She was very impressed with my handsome boy! The same women was judging group that day so of course I had to stay. At this show they were also having an Owner Handler group judging. This does not occur at every show and it is really nice to get to show off your own dog! I was even more excited to find out the judge was the same one who gave Rocky a Group Three at a previous show.

The day was going well, I was having so much fun until the snow really started to come down. We were outside of Philadelphia at the Expo Center at Oaks. The weather in Allentown was not bad but this area was a mess. So I waited for group, I would be in two groups. The first one was owner handler and it was an impressive group of toy dogs. To my absolute delight, Rocky was given a Group One placement! That meant I had to stay for Best in Show! This was very exciting except for the fact that all the main roads were closing because of the storm and I was wondering how I would get home!

Rocky did not get a placement in the other group but the judge really liked him. Best in Show was really exciting just to be there. He did not win but it was fun until the ride home, what a nightmare, it took us two hours, it should have on taken 45 minutes. Rocky and I were happy to make it home safely! I’m glad the next shows are local.

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