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    In Dog Show Confidential: Sneaking in the Back Door of Westminster, Connie Newcomb proves that real life eclipses reel life every time.
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    This is a true story. I have changed some names and condensed some events for continuity. Many people are fascinated by dog shows, but know nothing about them. I was one of those people. In the Spring of 2008 I walked into a class for show dog handlers with the world’s most neurotic puppy and no idea what to do. In February 2011, my dog and I made it to the most famous dog show in the world, Westminster. Dog Show Confidential is available in print and digital/Kindle editions.
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    Connie Newcomb is a lifelong dog lover and recent empty nester who, in less than a year, turned a neurotic, man-hating Chihuahua puppy into a champion, ending up at Madison Square Garden’s annual televised Westminster Kennel Club dog show with an Award of Merit for her second champion.
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