The Bronx County Kennel Club Show

Bronx County Kennel ClubI was looking forward to getting back in the show ring, Rocky and I had not been to a show since Westminster week. Today we were off to the Bronx County Kennel Club Show in Edison, NJ.  However when I got the ring time for this show I wasn’t so sure: 8:15AM, really? With a traveling time of an hour and a half, I would have to get up before 5AM to make it there. I did not mind getting up and leaving in the dark all that much but I know Rocky is not an early morning dog. He needs some time to well, shall we say “go” and of course he didn’t.

My first clue the day was not going well was that my GPS would not register the address, I hoped I would not get lost. Fortunately we made it. The N.J. Convention and Expo Center is quite nice, a good dog show venue. Rocky and I got to ring 2 with time to spare. I chatted with the steward who I know from the Owner Handler Club I belong to. I got my number and then took Rocky outside to do his duty, he didn’t and he looked miserable. This was not good.

I was hoping Rocky would take breed easily because he was the only champion entered. But the poor dog just wasn’t himself. I took him in the ring anyway, I probably shouldn’t have. The judge was Steve Keating, a very nice gentleman from Texas. Rocky lost to an unimpressive class dog. He got Best of Opposite and Best of Breed for owner handler but I decided not to stay for group. It just was not a good day.

When I was leaving I noticed David Frei in ring 12 judging the Boxer Sweepstakes, (puppies 6 to 18 months). I was very surprised. I saw David at a show not too long ago. As far as I know owns show dogs, although he does not handle the dogs himself. I never associated him with Working dogs and I didn’t know he was a judge! Perhaps we will see more of him in the future.

Rocky and I headed home. I’m hoping the upcoming shows have better results. I would really like to get Rocky a Bronze Grand Championship this year. In the mean time I may be showing a Pomeranian puppy also. Yes, I said Pomeranian, details to follow!

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