Bill is a new Grand Champion

Well it took a year but Bill is now GCH Stellar's Master of the Renaissance! On May 5th Bill took the breed win for the final point he needed for his grand championship. Hooray! The shows in May are always fun. Its time to go outside again. The grass is green, the flowers are blooming. The dogs are happy to be in the warm sun. The Trenton Kennel Club show in N.J. is a huge event, with great food and venders and a lot of dogs. It was great to be there. … [Read more...]

Bill goes to Harrisburg

The shows in Harrisburg are always fun. Lots of friends show up. This was still true on Sunday April 14th, as we went off to the Mason and Dixon Kennel Club show. Bill was happy to go and happy to play with the other dogs, especially the little bitches! But he was supremely awful for the judge, he did not want to walk or look at the judge. It was, shall we say embarrassing! I was ready to call it quits! However Bill managed to get Best of Opposite, good … [Read more...]

Bill gets a point in Edison, N.J.

We went to the New Brunswick Kennel Club show Saturday March 23. Bill was happy to be there because there was a pretty little bitch in heat! He was smitten! He paid little attention to the pleasant male judge and he was chosen as Select Dog for one point. That's fine except a class puppy got Best of Opposite over Mr. Bill. Bill was bored. I'm hoping we can get a much needed win at the next show. I'm getting discouraged! Bill only needs five more points … [Read more...]

‘The Morning Call’ reviews book on insider look at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

South Whitehall woman's book gives insider view of Westminster dog show On Monday morning, Connie Newcomb will be having the time of her life at one of the most prestigious sporting events in the nation — the 137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. At 9:15 a.m., Connie and Bill, one of her champion Chihuahuas, will prance around a show ring at Pier 92, hoping to convince judges that Bill is the best little guy of his … [Read more...]

Westminster 2013

We are back home from NYC resting after Westminster. Bill and I made it to all the specialty shows and many parties. We had a blast in NYC. Rocky also joined in the festivities although he was not entered in any shows this year. We enjoyed excellent drinks and meals with family and friends. Our hotel (The Event) was fabulous and very dog friendly. We had a wonderful time. But we didn't win a thing! In fact I felt ignored. I guess I just can't compete … [Read more...]

Westminster is almost here!

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a month away. Bill and I are looking forward to it. But before Westminster, We will be going to one show in Cape May, New Jersey, Sunday February 3rd. I'm hoping for a major win for Bill. He is so close to his grand championship. We shall see. I will share more news about Westminster soon when I get my final entry information. Things will be different this year! I'll keep you posted! … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays 2012

It is a rare quiet moment here at the Newcomb compound. All of the dogs are chewing on some new bones. The humans are still sleeping. Christmas was lovely. My kitchen is a disaster, but I don't care. It snowed a little bit on Christmas eve. Bill and Ted had never seen snow before since it did not snow at all last year. Bill loved it and happily chased Yoshi around the deck. Ted dipped one tiny paw in the frozen stuff and wanted no part of it. On to … [Read more...]

Bill wins Breed at the Berks County Show

It was a long weekend at the Berks County Kennel Club Show. On Sunday September 16th, Bill won Breed under Judge Kniola. The day did not start out well, I locked my keys and Bill in the car. Many thanks to the kind police officer who helped me! I just made it to the show on time. At the shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Bill did not win. The judges gave the win to the professional handler, and I must say I was frustrated. I don't mind losing if … [Read more...]

Bill wins Breed at Sussex Hills

Sunday, September 2, 2012, the summer is almost over! Off we went to N.J. for the Sussex Hills Kennel Club show. The show was indoors and air-conditioned, which was great because it was hot outside. Bill was pretty good on the table for Mr. Berg who was the judge. He gave Bill a big smile. My little champion walked beautifully and won the breed over a top ranked dog! Go Bill! I'm happy Bill seems to improve with each show and is very relaxed in the … [Read more...]

CH. Stellar’s Master of the Renaissance is ranked number 4 in Pennsylvania!

I'm so excited to announce that Bill is now ranked number 4 in Grand Championship points in Pennsylvania. We are so proud of our handsome boy. I must say it is fun to have such a special dog to show. Thanks To breeder Sue, for letting me have such a great dog. We are looking forward to upcoming shows, especially the local ones in September. More good things to come I hope! I'll keep you posted! … [Read more...]

Bill wins Breed in Ringoes, N.J.

The weekend of August 4th I helped my son move to Boston. I had entered Bill at the Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club Show on Sunday. But I couldn't make it to the show because I was still in Boston. My friend Sue agreed to show Bill for me. I was happy he didn't miss the show, (Thanks Sue!) She also happens to be his breeder. Bill won Best of Variety! The entry was small but still another win for Ch. Stellar's Master of the Renaissance. GO BILL!!! … [Read more...]

A Breed Win Over Two Grand Champions for Bill!

Wow! A good day at the dog show. The Williamsport Dog Training Club held their show in Bloomsburg on Sunday, July 29th. Ring 7, 10:30AM, Bill went into the ring with one other Champion and two Grand Champions, along with the winners dog and bitch. This was a five point Grand Champion major win if he could pull it off. The judge was quite stern and Bill was quite goofy. But Bill moved perfectly. She never smiled but she gave him Breed. He now has 10 … [Read more...]

Best of Opposite for Bill

On Saturday, July 28th (my anniversary) we were off to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds for the Lackawanna Kennel Club Show. It was hot, and even though the venue was inside and air-conditioned, it was uncomfortable. I had dressed lightly and was fine. Bill was happy to be with other Chihuahuas and he was fine. The judge was not. The elderly judge was dressed in a heavy suit and was obviously too warm. Just as we got to Best of Variety and the steward … [Read more...]

Another Win for Bill!

The Bryn Mawr Kennel Club held it's show at Ludwig's Corner in Pennsylvania on June 17th. The judge was very impressed with Bill and gave him the Breed win over two other Specials, (one was a Grand Champion) It was a good day at the dog show! I could not stay for group because it was Father's day and we had plans. I really want to make it to group soon to see what Bill can do. Next time, NO excuses from me, I promise. Our boy Bill continues to … [Read more...]

Stellar’s Master of the Renaissance wins again!

My newly crowned champion, Bill, (aka Wild Bill) won the breed at The Burlington County Kennel Club Show in New Jersey on Sunday, June 3rd. The day started out cool, but at ring time it was quite hot. Bill didn't mind at all, he loved being outside. He moved like a champ and the judge noticed. Of course he squirmed on the table, but the sweet lady judge said "Don't worry I just need to check his private parts!" The judge loved Bill. He got Best of … [Read more...]

Bill Becomes a Champion!

The Trenton Kennel Club held their show in West Windsor Township New Jersey. I hoped the major would hold, and finally it did. Bill easily took winners dog, best of winners and best of opposite sex. Bill is now CH. Stellar's Master of the Renaissance at the age of fifteen months. He is getting better with each show. I could tell there were some nervous competitors, Bill is pretty special! I am looking forward to showing him as a champion, I hope for … [Read more...]

Bill gets Best of Winners again

Bill won again. This time at the Harrisburg Kennel Club show. The event was held at Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Shows ran Friday through Sunday. I only entered Friday because we were visiting family over the weekend to celebrate Greek Easter. There were six dogs entered, enough for a four point major. The major win would make Bill a new champion. So off we went bright and early to the dog show. I hoped Bill would behave. As … [Read more...]

Bill wins five days in a row at York!

I did something I've never done before, I sent my dog out with a professional handler. With a lot of family events coming up I could not make it to any of the shows in York, Pa.  There were five shows from Wednesday March 14 through Sunday March 18th. I was a little nervous to let Bill go, but he was just fine. He is a happy guy who gets along well with other dogs and people. He still needs work on the table, (he hates it!) but he moves beautifully … [Read more...]