Stellar’s Master of the Renaissance wins again!

The Burlington County Kennel ClubMy newly crowned champion, Bill, (aka Wild Bill) won the breed at The Burlington County Kennel Club Show in New Jersey on Sunday, June 3rd.

The day started out cool, but at ring time it was quite hot. Bill didn’t mind at all, he loved being outside. He moved like a champ and the judge noticed. Of course he squirmed on the table, but the sweet lady judge said “Don’t worry I just need to check his private parts!” The judge loved Bill. He got Best of Variety at his first show as a champion!

My friend, Joe was there and was schmoozing with the judge like I have never seen before.He even gave her a kiss on the cheek in the ring. His pup got Best of Winners. What a scene. Around group time the sky turned dark and a storm popped up. Everyone made a mass exit. I headed home, and then later the sun came out, I could have kicked myself.

The show went on, I should have stayed, I think Bill might have gotten a group placement.It was the same judge as we had earlier. Damn! I hope this winning streak continues.

The next show is June 17th. I’ll keep you posted! (GO BILL!!!)

Bill Becomes a Champion!
Another Win for Bill!