Happy Holidays 2012

Happy Holidays!It is a rare quiet moment here at the Newcomb compound. All of the dogs are chewing on some new bones. The humans are still sleeping. Christmas was lovely. My kitchen is a disaster, but I don’t care.

It snowed a little bit on Christmas eve. Bill and Ted had never seen snow before since it did not snow at all last year. Bill loved it and happily chased Yoshi around the deck. Ted dipped one tiny paw in the frozen stuff and wanted no part of it.

On to dog show news; Bill is entered in Westminster 2013. He is now just 6 points away from a grand championship. The last few shows have been frustrating, certain professional handlers seem to continue to beat me. At the Bloomsburg shows in November, on Saturday the lady judge gave the win to Bill. However only one other dog showed up. Thanks to my good buddy JR who brought his adorable puppy Herbie. Bill got a point. But the next day the other special showed up who happened to be the current number one smooth coat. What is funny about this is, he is also named Bill and looks like my Bill. I really thought my Bill could win, but no. The winner was Bill # one, (a breeder-owner-handler) dog, good for her. The petite handler also came with a lot of attitude. I would really like a rematch soon! There was some redemption at the prestigious Penn Treaty show in Philadelphia on Thursday November 15. Bill won breed over two other specials for a 4 point major. One of the specials had previously been ranked number one and had a Best in Show win also! So that was exciting! I did not enter Bill in the weekend show because we were off to NYC for a little book party with my editors. The weekend show is televised on Thanksgiving day. The other dog won and was on TV. It could have been Bill, who knows! But I had a blast in New York, so no regrets!

Most recently we went to the Lehigh shows in Allentown. These shows are always fun. It’s party time, cookies, candy, decorations everywhere! I was so hoping Bill could get another major win, but the judges picked the professional again. Bill got one point on Sunday for Best of Opposite. We all had a good time anyway. I was very proud of Bill, he has come along way. He is quite the show dog now, well behaved and happy. Westminster, here we come! I’ll keep you posted!

Bill wins Breed at the Berks County Show
Westminster is almost here!