Bill gets Best of Winners again

Bill wins at Harrisburg Kennel Club Bill won again. This time at the Harrisburg Kennel Club show. The event was held at Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Shows ran Friday through Sunday. I only entered Friday because we were visiting family over the weekend to celebrate Greek Easter.

There were six dogs entered, enough for a four point major. The major win would make Bill a new champion.

So off we went bright and early to the dog show. I hoped Bill would behave.

As soon as I got there I asked for some training tips from my friend who is a dog trainer. He put Bill on a table and fed him liver. Bill acted a little nervous and goofy but not too bad for Bill. The steward promptly scolded me for scaring the dog. Now I was nervous.

The judge was a lovely lady from the south. As soon as it was ring time I realized the major would break because two dogs did not show up. This is so frustrating, I hate when people don’t bother to come. So there would only be one point.

Bill showed very well but was goofy on the table, the judge gave him winners dog and best of winners. She said she would have given him The Breed win if he were better on the table. I think Bill really has potential, I just have to keep working with him. I think there is a good chance he’ll get his championship at the toy specialty next month! I’ll keep you posted.

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Bill Becomes a Champion!