Best of Opposite for Bill

Lackawanna Kennel ClubOn Saturday, July 28th (my anniversary) we were off to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds for the Lackawanna Kennel Club Show.

It was hot, and even though the venue was inside and air-conditioned, it was uncomfortable. I had dressed lightly and was fine. Bill was happy to be with other Chihuahuas and he was fine. The judge was not. The elderly judge was dressed in a heavy suit and was obviously too warm.

Just as we got to Best of Variety and the steward called my number, the judge got very pale and sat down. That was it. She almost passed out. My friend, JR went to the rescue. He got her ice and juice. The steward called the superintendent.

And we waited. the judge started to come around and they decided to move the ring to a cooler part of the venue. Bill was a freaked out by all the noise.
The show continued.

The judge liked Bill, but he wouldn’t hold still for her. She gave him Best of Opposite instead of Breed. She stopped me and said she thought he was gorgeous and he just needed to behave. She added “He is a special boy, keep working with him, he’s worth it!”

She was taken away by ambulance shortly thereafter but I heard she will be fine.  It was a bit scary. Better luck tomorrow.

Another Win for Bill!
A Breed Win Over Two Grand Champions for Bill!