A Breed Win Over Two Grand Champions for Bill!

Williamsport Dog Training ClubWow! A good day at the dog show. The Williamsport Dog Training Club held their show in Bloomsburg on Sunday, July 29th.

Ring 7, 10:30AM, Bill went into the ring with one other Champion and two Grand Champions, along with the winners dog and bitch. This was a five point Grand Champion major win if he could pull it off.

The judge was quite stern and Bill was quite goofy. But Bill moved perfectly. She never smiled but she gave him Breed. He now has 10 grand championship points with 3 champion defeats and 1 major win. He needs 15 more points to get his grand champion status, he is on his way! My friend Sally asked if she could use him as stud dog, Bill is already a hot item. But I have to think about that, it’s a big step, he’s a little young yet. (I’m flattered he’s popular)

My goal is to show him at Westminster next year as a Grand Champion!!! (got to keep training!!!)

Best of Opposite for Bill
Bill wins Breed in Ringoes, N.J.