Why ‘Dog-Speak’ Is Important in Communicating With Your Pet

Do you speak "baby-talk" with your pet?   It's that high-pitched voice with exaggerated emotion you might also have done with a human baby. Well, now researchers at York University have found that such speech interaction with your dogs improves attention and may actually help with the bonding process. I had heard about this idea before and always believed there was some truth to it, based on my own personal experiences. We use “baby voice" in the … [Read more...]

Are Pets Good for your Kid’s Health? New Research Sees No Link

It's long been thought that having a pet around the house improves your child's health. Now research is saying that there is no clear evidence that is the case. We love our pets and consider them part of the family - that much is certain. A Pew Research Centre study of over 3,000 adults found that 85 percent of dog owners consider their pets to be a part of the family. Past research studies have suggested that social skills in children grew stronger the … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Read Human Emotions?

How tuned in are dogs to our emotions, thoughts and moods? I have always believed my canine children certainly knew when I was happy or angry, irritated or melancholy. Now the results from scientific studies are backing up the belief that dogs truly recognize emotions in humans and other dogs. Daniel Mills, a Vet Professor from Lincoln University, tested 17 pet dogs in front of a screen and flashed up images and audio from other dogs to gauge their … [Read more...]