Basic Commands for your Dog

Having a core set of commands that your dog understands and follows is a good idea when establishing the relationship. Canines are pack animals and also look for rules to the power hierarchy. Remembering that you are always the alpha dog will help keep them both happy and safe. It is innate for the canine to want to serve or please their master. This dynamic will help keep them safe while they are young and vulnerable. And it will help keep them content … [Read more...]

Are You A Pack Leader?

Recently I added one more dog to our pack. I wasn’t planning on another dog but this one needed some loving care. He is a sweet senior Chihuahua I took home from the shelter because he was quite sick. He has since recovered and is doing well. Adding another dog to a good sized pack can be a challenge. People often ask me if my dogs all get along. I say, yes, they have to! I’d like to think that is because I am a confident and consistent pack leader. The … [Read more...]