Top Dog Breeds of 2015

The most popular dog breeds for 2015 have been announced and the Golden Retriever is at the top of the list - at least according to DogVacay, a dog-sitting and boarding company. They combined their own findings along with Google's results.  Of course, there is no singular ranking that will end all debate. The AKC earlier this year placed the Labrador Retriever at the top of its list for 2014.  That was followed by the German Shepherd with the Golden … [Read more...]

New Dog Breeds For 2015

As we roll into mid January, The Westminster Dog Show looms around the corner. It is always an exciting time of year for the dog show community. Every year the AKC adds a new breed or two. New breeds that would like to achieve recognition must have a strong backing by their fanciers. Clubs are formed to support the breed and perfect the conformation of their dogs. Three hundred purebred dogs of a new breed are needed to be eligible for AKC … [Read more...]

Is My Mutt Smarter Than Your Show Dog?

Did you know that purebred dogs are becoming dumber with each generation? Well, according to animal behaviorist, Kenth Svartberg, modern breeding techniques have led to this problem. [Source: My mutt's smarter than your pedigree] He says that modern breeders only want “pretty dogs.” They are no longer concerned with what the animal was originally meant for, such as herding or hunting. He calls toy dogs, such as Chihuahuas, “handbag dogs” made popular by … [Read more...]