Westminster Diaries, 2014 : Pre-Westminster Activities

Westminster Diaries 2014 by Connie Newcomb : 2/7/14 - Pre-Westminster ActivitiesPacking for the dog shows is a nightmare. I can really understand why professional handlers get paid so well. I usually only go to one show at a time. On Westminster weekend, I do four shows in a row. I packed five suits, four pairs of shoes, three pairs of boots, all the other clothes I needed for six nights in the city, dog food, crate, show leads, grooming aids, etc. It goes on and on, and I only have one tiny dog. Most of the high end handlers are showing several dogs. It took me two days to get all my stuff together. Jim also brought a lot of clothing but we managed to get all into the Prius with no room to spare, and off we went.

We arrived in NYC Thursday around 3:30. We stayed at the Eventi Hotel, which I highly recommend, it is the third year we have stayed there. The hotel is very dog friendly and only two blocks from Madison Square Garden. We were greeted by a very good looking staff that fawned over Rocky. Quite a few Westminster dogs stay at this place. The Eventi has a beautiful lobby with a fire place. They serve complimentary coffee in the morning and wine in the evening with a nice spread of appetizers. The restaurant, Humphreys is excellent, serving items such as Kobe beef sliders, calamari, gourmet pizza and a very nice caesar salad.

We unpacked and Rocky explored the room. As Jim said; “That dog is living La Doggie Vita!” We tucked Rocky in his crate for the evening and went out to dinner. Jim and I and our daughter, Margaret (who lives in Manhattan) ate at SD26 on E. 26th St. The food is Italian and very good. We went to bed early for The Progressive Dog Club Show on Friday morning.

Pre-Westminster doggie fashion show among big weekend events
Westminster Diaries, 2014 : The Progressive Dog Show