How to Raise the Perfect Puppy

Our new puppy JaquesPuppies bring joy and unconditional love into a home. There is nothing sweeter than a soft happy puppy. But all that cuteness needs serious training to grow into a good dog.

Many a “cute” pup ends up in a shelter because their human did not dedicate enough time to training. Puppies demand a lot of care and structure in their routine to learn good manners.

I have raised and trained many puppies and have learned that a crucial element – and one that is often overlooked – is to socialization.  So that means that in addition to teaching them proper potty training, it is important to give them the opportunity to learn to how to play nicely around other people and dogs – just like you would a child. This takes time and effort. So many people get a puppy and don’t realize the time involved.  You must dedicate time to you pup, and do some research, learn how to properly train your puppy.

According to Ms. Corey Whelan of, “It’s important that your dog learn his place in your home, but this can only be accomplished with consistency and a firm, loving hand.  Only then will your puppy grow and learn to be the very best dog possible.”

In her article “8 Tips For Raising Perfect Puppy” Whelan lists the following:

  1. Give Your Puppy Some Time
  2. Welcome Puppy Home
  3. Get a Crate
  4. Potty Train Your Pooch
  5. Teach Good Citizenship
  6. Combat Resource Guarding
  7. Encourage Bite Inhibition
  8. Provide Plenty of Exercise

Before you bring a new pup into your house make sure you have a safe warm place for them to rest. You need a crate or pen in a room away from other dogs and children. Pups need plenty of sleep. They also need puppy safe chew toys and good quality puppy food.

A visit to the vet is also important. Make sure the puppy is healthy and discuss any concerns. Vet care is expensive, don’t get a puppy if you cannot afford to take care of him.

Mostly enjoy your new pet, play with him and experience the wonderful joy that a new puppy can give.  After all, as Charles Schultz once said;

Happiness is a warm puppy.    There is nothing better!


Jaques is our new puppy from Canada

Jaques is our new puppy from Canada


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