Does Your Dog Like You?

Silly question, right? Hopefully your dog loves you! But what if you are a new dog owner, maybe you just got a puppy or you adopted a rescue dog, an older, or abused dog. It may take time for you to bond with your new dog. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be challenging.

So how do you get your dog to like you?

I have raised and trained many puppies and have worked with many rescue dogs over the years. I am certified in Animal Reiki, a shelter volunteer, and a show dog handler. Some people might even say I know a lot about dog behavior. But regardless of how much research I do, or hands-on time I spend with canines, I am always eager to learn something news and open to sharing good advice when I come across it.

Recently I received a link to a blog I thought was really worth sharing.

27 Ways How To Get a Dog To Like You (Build Love & Trust)

Here are some great points worth highlighting to help build a loving, respectful relationship between you and your dog.

Food seems obvious, but there is more to it then just putting a bowl down in front of your dog. Teach your dog to sit for treats and food. Also, hand feeding is a great way to bond. I always made sure I hand fed my pups once in a while, this can help prevent food aggression. Never take the food away while the dog is eating, share with your hands. Let them lick your fingers and praise them. If you have more than one dog, treat them all the same, don’t think they don’t notice.

Take your dog for a walk, don’t just drag them along and be texting on your cell phone, let them stop and sniff, play with them, enjoy the outdoors together. I love walking my dogs at home and at the shelter. Nothing builds a relationship like a good walk!

Keep calm, the best advice, and the hardest, don’t lose your cool if your dog makes a mistake. Be patient, speak softly. Yelling at your dog an hour after he pooped on the rug just confuses a dog and he becomes fearful of you. Praise your dog for good behavior. Be consistent in training and make sure everyone in the household is on the same page! It takes time, he’ll get it eventually and just letting you know, small dogs are much harder to potty train. Hang in there!

Carl as a puppy

Carl feels like a member of the family now. But it wasn’t always like that.

Respect their space, this is so important. Dogs need their own quiet place and time to rest. Don’t let your kids or especially other kids bother your dog if he is resting. Let the dog come to you. Rescue dogs, especially may need more time to learn to trust. Don’t force it. Pay attention to their moods, it’s not all about you, if your dog is tired, leave him alone.

Let them sleep with you! Dogs are pack animals. They are lonely by themselves at night, nothing is better than a warm furry dog by your side.

When they want attention, pet them, a good belly rub or back scratch works best!

Keep them healthy, regular vet visits are important. Groom your dogs regularly, grooming is a great way to bond and build trust. Go slowly and try to make it a pleasant experience for both of you.

Spend time with them, if you work 24/7, don’t get a dog! Talk to them, take them with you for a road trip, have fun with them.

Mostly give your dog time to get to know you and you in turn, to know them, pay attention, dogs have feelings, they are not property. All dogs are different. Please give them time and forgive them if they are not perfect, you’re not either. Love your dog and he will love you back!

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