Clear The Shelters – Adoption Fees Waived on Saturday

Area shelters are teaming with the Humane Society of the U.S. to host Clear the Shelters, the third annual nationwide pet adoption drive. Over 700 participating shelters across the country will waive adoption fees on Saturday, August. 19, 2017, as part of the nationwide NBCUniversal Clear the Shelters initiative. Over 50,000 pets found their forever homes in 2016.

Find a participating shelterTo find a participating shelter in your area, visit the interactive map at

Locally, the Lehigh County Humane Society at 640 Dixon Street, Allentown, PA 1810 will be participating on Saturday. You can call them at 610-797-1205 or visit their website at


If you are considering adopting a shelter dog, or any animal for that matter, here are some general things to keep in mind – especially for first-time pet owners.

  • Ask yourself why you really want a pet. Is it a spur-of-the-moment decision or are you prepared to make a commitment to caring for a new addition to your household?
  • Caring for a fur child, just like its two-legged counterpart, will require money to cover veterinary care as well as the daily essentials. Make sure you are prepared for these expenses psychologically and that it does not make pet ownership an albatross around your neck once the newness wears off.
  • Will the new dog fit in with your current living situation? Some dogs need a lot of constant attention. Others act just fine being left to themselves for portions of the day. Certain breeds like to run around a lot and even hunt. Others are definitely bona fide lap dogs.
  • Do you have the temperament for the kind of pet you are adopting? Unfortunately, animals do not have an on/off button. You can’t put them on the shelf or in the back of the closet when you are don playing with them. They are living, breathing, eating, pooping, bug-attracting, fur-dispensing, noise-emitting entities. Your living space may never be the same. If you are a neat freak, keeping things tidy will require some extra effort.
  • Of course the counter to that is that your life may never be the same either. It will probably be filled with the love and devotion of an animal that needs you. Be also prepared to never walk in a store again without thinking about what cute thing you can buy your new pet – a new tug toy, a bowl with its name on it etc. And your phone, camera, and Instagram feeds will now be filled with cute pics of your beloved wearing a holiday-inspired hat. Conversations with friends will now never be complete without some mention of the latest update on your new pet. Other people may not want to hear about it, but you’ll probably never get tired of expounding.



Clear The Shelters is a nationwide pet adoption initiative that brings shelters, rescue groups, and adopters together to find loving homes for pets in need. This is done through partnerships between animal adoption groups and NBC-owned television stations. The event will be held on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, and hundreds of animal organizations will participate across the country.




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