2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Preview

Westminster 2020 will be a little different this year. The breed judging will be spread out over three days instead of two, beginning Sunday, February 9th from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Sunday judging will include the Hound and Herding group breeds. Monday judging will include Terrier, Toy and Non-sporting. On Tuesday the Sporting and Working group breeds will be judged, followed by Best in Show.

All breed judging will be done at Pier 94 this year. (Pier 92 is closed for renovations.)

And the breed competition will be CHAMPIONS only again!

The Masters agility and Master obedience competition will be held Saturday and Sunday at Pier 94 also.

The evening group competition Monday and Tuesday night will be held at Madison Square Garden as usual, concluding with Best in Show Tuesday evening. You can check out the full event schedule on the westminsterkennelclub.org website.


Westminster publisher their Premium invite list for the top dogs in each breed. but to narrow it down a little, in my opinion, here are the top five dogs to watch this year overall:

1. Bono (Havanese)
‘Bono’ Is Top-Winning Havanese in Breed History

Havanese | Breed Judging 2019

2. Bourbon (Whippet)
No chaser: Bourbon tops Whiskey in Westminster whippet upset

Whippets | Breed Judging 2019

3. Wilma (Boxer)
The Latest: Wilma the boxer wins Westminster working group

Boxers | Breed Judging 2019

4. Dazzle (Welsh Terrier)
‘Dazzle,’ a Welsh Terrier, Is the No. 1 Terrier

Welsh Terriers | Breed Judging 2019

5. Tony (German Shepherd)
Profile: * Tony is the half-brother of 2017 Best In Show Winner “Rumor”

German Shepherd Dogs | Breed Judging 2019



There are two new breeds competing for the first time year – Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen and Nederlandse Kooikerhonje.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen will compete in the Hound group. According to the AKC, this breed is “a French scenthound. Somewhat active and never high-strung, yet GBGVs are busy dogs who don’t tire easily…. the name, roughly translated, means “Large, low, shaggy dog of the Vendée.”

Height: 15.5-18 inches
Weight: 40-45 pounds
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years


Nederlandse Kooikerhonje Nederlandse Kooikerhonje
The Nederlandse Kooikerhonje will compete in the Sporting group. According to the AKC, this breed is “lively, agile, self-confident, good-natured and alert. The breed is faithful, easy-going and friendly in the home. Outdoors he is a true sporting dog being keen, swift, tough, attentive and energetic.”

Height: 15-17 inches (male), 14-16 inches (female)
Weight: 20-30 pounds
Life Expectancy: 12-15 years




SluggerI have been attending Westminster since 1999 with my family. We have been showing our Champion Chihuahuas since 2010. In that first year, our dog Rocky received an Award of Merit.

Last year our dog Slugger received the Best of Opposite Sex Award, second to the breed winner.

We are thrilled to announce our boy Slugger will again be competing in 2020, he is now a PLATINUM Grand Champion, the highest level championship a show dog can achieve. He is only 3 years old!

We are looking forward to enjoying our time in New York City with family and friends and of course our beloved Chihuahua.

Hope you can make it, see you at the show!


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