Rosco and Brutus Get New Lease on Life

Here’s a couple of heart-warming stories in the news this month about dogs who were given fresh starts thanks to medical advances and some caring owners.

The first is a four-month old pitbull rescue named Rosco who was born with a rare deformity that left his front legs partially bent backwards like “flippers.” But Asheville, NC veterinarian Dr. David Crouch performed surgery on Rosco to fix his limbs thanks in part to the Asheville Humane Society which raised more than $3,000. The puppy is now getting used to his splints and scampering around sounding like a “tap dancer” according to his owner.

Then there is the Rottweiler named Brutus from Loveland, Colorado who lost all four of his paws to frostbite when he was a puppy and abandoned in a car park. But Brutus’ current owner, Laura Aquilina, raised $12,500 for his therapy and prosthetics through the fundraising website GoFundMe. .

Now aged two, Brutus is learning to walk again with help from an animal prosthetics developer company OrthoPets.

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