Puppies at the Berks Kennel Club match show

Berks County Kennel ClubThere is nothing that makes a day brighter than a whole lot of puppies!

I went to the Berks Kennel Club match show yesterday. Matches are for puppies. This is where all the pups get to practice in a show ring, it is a competition but no points are awarded. I wish every dog show was this much fun.

I got to play with a tiny pomeranian, a little great dane, two akitas that looked like bears, a corgi, japanese chin, and more, Oh it was heaven!

I showed a new chihuahua pup named Stevie. I co-own him with a friend. He does not live with me. Stevie managed to get a group third placement, Go Stevie! Now that’s a good day!

A good day for chihuahuas and other dogs
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