More Adventures of Bill and Ted (and Rocky)

More dog shows have come and gone.  Bill and Ted are doing well.  Bill has really turned out nicely as he has gotten older.  Many judges have admired him. Ted although cute as can be is just plain willful.  At the Bucks County Kennel Club show which was outside,  Bill might have gotten the 4 point major if he had just walked.  He did get reserve.  The same thing happened at The Valley Forge show. Ted was uncooperative and Bill just wanted to sniff the grass.  Bill got reserve again.

In the beginning of October we inherited another dog. My daughter has moved home for awhile and brought her rescued mutt Penny with her.  Penny is a 12 pound mix of Chihuahua and who knows what.  She has too much energy for me to handle.

From Oct. 7th  to the 9th  I attended the Chihuahua Club of America show in Chicago.  There were 282 Chihuahuas entered.  I saw alot of familiar faces and many new ones.

I did not show a dog I only went to observe.  It was very interesting.  The dogs were lovely and for the most part  the professionals won. There was a bit of nastiness among some handlers.  I was happy I just went as an observer. All in all I had a nice time. but was glad to be home.  This past weekend I took the boys to the shows in Augusta NJ.  The boys included Bill, Ted, and also Rocky who is now at my house.  I really want to get his Grand Championship.

Bill and Ted did very well at this indoor show.  Rocky got Best of Opposite, Bill got his first point.  He moved beautifully.  Even Ted walked a little.  All the boys showed nicely and I was very pleased.
If you have lost count, I now have 10 dogs in my house.  So far everyone is getting along.

Bill's first point and Best Puppy win!