Hope for Lost Dogs

rubythelostgreyhound.orgDogs go missing everyday, some escape their yards, others get away from even the most responsible owners, some are stolen and sadly some dogs are simply abandoned. Last week an older dog with poor eyesight wandered away from his home in our area. This dog was very well loved and his owners were heartbroken and desperate to find him.

I first learned about the missing dog from our volunteer website for Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter. This dog had been adopted from the shelter several years ago. I couldn’t help but think how horrified I would be if one of my dogs was lost. The thought of it brings me to tears. This poor family! But what can you do if your dog gets lost? Aside from checking with the local police, shelters, and local animal hospitals, where else can you turn for help?

I did not know the answer.

On the weekend I was out of town when I got a message from my friend and fellow shelter volunteer, a search had been organized to find the missing dog. She wanted to know if I wanted to help. I would have gladly joined in if I were home. I wished her luck and asked her to let me know what happened.

My friend, Heather emailed me yesterday to fill me in. This is what she said.

I spent the weekend helping search for a lost dog in Slatington. It was cold, miserable and long.

Sadly, we did not find the beloved senior dog, who had been adopted from PK years ago.

Ruby the Lost Greyhound, Inc. promoted the search on it’s Facebook and website. Hound Hunters coordinated efforts to map the dog’s movement through neighborhoods and gave the searchers a focus. Home Again Pet Rescuers emailed locals. The Sanctuary at Haafsville sent a helicopter! Several other groups and people were involved too. Volunteers from every walk of life and organization showed up with flashlights, donuts, maps, and blankets.

I only did this for two half days and it was physically and emotionally draining. I couldn’t stop thinking about this poor old dog in sub-freezing weather since Jan 4th.

Pet rescue groups really deserve a shout out for their tireless (unpaid!) work for lost animals. During the time I was looking for Mister,(the dog) two other local dogs were joyfully reunited with their owners because volunteers had posted flyers all over their neighborhoods. I don’t think there will be a happy ending for Mister, but at least these groups give the possibility for closure.

Upon reading this I thought how sad for the owners but they can rest assured every effort had been made to help find this lost dog. And I have to think it’s good to know there are still wonderful and amazing humans in the world that are willing to help animals in distress.

There is help if your dog is lost.

Home Again Pet Rescuers is a national organization that helps reunite owners with their pets.

Ruby the Greyhound also helps not only with search and rescue but also helps get abandoned dogs into safe havens. In October we received a young Chihuahua at the shelter that was found wandering the park. He came in covered with ticks and was very scared. Who knows how long he had been outside. He was most likely abandoned.

Ruby the Greyhound volunteers spent days trying to capture the terrified little dog. Finally the caught him and brought him to the shelter. No one claimed him. In spite of his ordeal he was a sweet loving dog who was recently adopted. Ruby the Greyhound probably saved his life.

Please remember to always keep an eye on your pets. Make sure your fence is secure. Check on them frequently. Make sure your pet has an ID with your phone number. Having your dog micro chipped is also a good way to locate him if he is lost. Hopefully this will never happen to you but if it does there is hope and help!

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