Halloween Costumes for Your Dog in 2019

With Halloween less than a week away, it’s once again time to look at how we will be dressing up our pets for this fall holiday.

According to the Halloween Spending Survey, an annual report released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), shoppers are expected to spend $8.8 billion total for Halloween in 2019 – down slightly from $9 billion last year. That’s an average of $86.27.

“Online search remains the top source of Halloween inspiration, cited by 35 percent of consumers surveyed, followed by browsing in stores at 28 percent, and ideas from friends and family at 20 percent. Inspiration from social media has increased across several platforms since 2015. Pinterest was cited by 18 percent, up from 13 percent in 2015; 14 percent cited both YouTube (up from 8 percent) and Instagram (up from 7 percent). Men and women prefer different social media channels for Halloween inspiration. Pinterest was the choice of 25 percent of women but only 12 percent of men, while YouTube was cited by 19 percent of men and only 10 percent of women. Instagram was almost evenly split at 15 percent of men and 14 percent of women.” [source]

And according to the survey, it is estimated that 20 million pet owners planning to spend about $350 million dollars on their pets this Halloween. Costumes, cards and decorations comprise most of the Halloween spending. Pet costumes represent 15% of the $3.2 billion spent on all costume sales. More than 31 million people will purchase pet costumes this year. 20% of millennials (those aged 25-34) plan to dress up their pets while 13% of average adults intend to do the same. [source]

According to the survey, here are the most popular costumes for pets this Halloween:
1. Pumpkin – 9.3%
2. Hot dog – 7.2%
3. Superhero – 7.2%
4. Bumble Bee – 3.9%
5. Cat – 3.2%
6. Witch – 2.5%
7. Lion – 2.2%
8. Dog – 2.1%
9. Devil – 2%
10. Shark – 1.7%

The survey of 7,419 consumers was conducted September 3-10 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.2 percentage points. [source]

Need some suggestions for dressing up your pet? Woman’s Day has a gallery full of cute photos.

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