Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

LeeLoo's First BirthdayDo you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Do you buy or make special treats or a cake for them? How about buying expensive gifts, or dressing them up in stylish clothing. Apparently a lot of us do. Dogs are family and everyone loves a good time.

According to a study by pet food makes Lily’s Kitchen, about 75% of dog parents celebrate their pets’ birthdays and more than half throw a party, prepare a special meal and sing “Happy Birthday”! 58% sing the Birthday song, 51% throw a doggy B-day bash – complete with presents and decorations, and 55% create a cake or special meal for their pup!

We all enjoy parties and so do dogs. Why not? We all want to have fun! It may be a casual occasion or maybe a blowout bash. Some people go to extremes, I mean anything for their precious pooches. The bigger the better!

Need some ideas? Angie’s List has several guidelines for throwing a birthday party. IheartDogs gives you a Top 10 for that perfect party. Animal Planet has some great things to consider including and staying away from in order to keep your pets safe. Search Etsy for cute (and sometimes expensive) knick knacks for your pet. Retailers like Puppy Kisses as well as plain old Amazon have plenty to sell to add a little pizzazz to the day.

I have been to some pretty nice canine celebrations.

My dear friend threw a great party for her Miniature Poodle, Chip every 4th of July. It happened to be his birthday. She invited the entire neighborhood and their pets. It was always special for us, our dog, Simon’s birthday was July 2nd and he got to enjoy the celebration as well. There was food and festivities for everyone and their pets. There were games, toys and balloons, hot dogs, hamburgers and cakes for both humans and dogs. It was a blast!

When my children were young, we always celebrated our dog’s birthdays, maybe it was just the family but there were treats and toys for all. For my kids it was an excuse to have some chocolate cake, (not for the dogs.) They got chicken and various other goodies. Birthdays should be special.

Why not a doggie wedding?

I have attended two dog weddings. My Chihuahua, Carl’s parents were married with all the fanfare and frills of a human wedding. She wore white and he had a tiny tuxedo. There were many attendants and puppy guests to enjoy the specially made cake in the shape of a big dog bone. There was delicious wedding cake for the humans as well. It was a good time for sure.

The other wedding was very fancy, held in an NYC ballroom with designer gowns and little cupcakes made for the lucky dogs that were attending. The humans were also quite dressed up and they enjoyed people cupcakes and lots of champagne. That was a big budget event for sure.

Whatever the occasion, we want our pets to have as much fun as we do.
They are family and we love them, so have fun! The sky’s the limit!

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