140th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

140th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowWestminster 2016 begins this weekend in New York! On Saturday, February 13th, “Meet and Compete” will feature the WKC Masters Agility Championship and the AKC’s Meet the Breeds® at Piers 92/94 in Manhattan. Then on Monday, the main event starts at Madison Square Garden with final judging for BEST IN SHOW beginning Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

“Meet the Breeds” is a showcase for the public to meet various dog breeds and learn about dog ownership. You can get up close and personal, ask questions and pet your favorite pedigree dog.

The Masters Agility Championship is an exciting competition for any kind of dog, not just the purebreds. Dogs are put through all kinds of athletic and obedience contests, and it’s become a real fan favorite!

On Monday and Tuesday the all breed judging is held at the piers. This is where pedigree dogs compete to be the most perfect representation of their breed. This is held each day from 8am to 4pm. Here, you can see the most stunning dogs in the world.

On Monday and Tuesday evening the breed winners will go to Madison Square Garden to compete for a group win and then seven lucky dogs will strut their stuff for BEST IN SHOW on Tuesday night.

Best In Show from Westiminster 2015Now in its 140th incarnation, much has changed over the years. In 1877, the First Annual New York Bench Show of Dogs, given under the auspices of the Westminster Kennel Club, was held in the Hippodrome at Gilmore’s Garden (the forerunner to Madison Square Garden) in New York City, drawing an entry of 1,201 dogs. According to their website, the entry fee for the following year was just $2 and included feed and care of the dog.

The Westminster Dog Show has been special to me for as long as I can remember. I have had the privilege of competing in the show for the past 6 years with my two wonderful Grand Champions, Rocky and Bill.

This year I decided not to enter and take a year off. It will be quite different to be a spectator for a change, but I have to say, much more relaxing!

I look forward to simply watching and enjoying the show. I have attended Westminster since 1999. We have had the same box seats since 2000.

There have been many changes in 17 years. Sadly, I miss the “good old days.” I can only express how happy I was to experience Westminster before the major changes of the past few years.

The traditions of the old Westminster will never return. I was thrilled to walk in the old garden with Rocky in the breed competition. I loved the excitement and the prestige of only having champion dogs compete. Even though the benching was crowded it felt special to be there. 2012 was the last year that breed judging was held at Madison Square Garden and the last year for champions only. The tradition of the show always being held on the second Monday and Tuesday of February changed as well. Now presidents weekend brings in more tickets sales, as does the added agility competition on Saturday.

As I reminisce about days gone by I looked back at the first catalog I bought as a spectator in 1999. By the way it cost 5.00 then, now I believe it has gone up to 25.00. Just a few interesting stats; in 1999, there was a total entry of 2635 dogs and there were 152 breeds represented. On Monday, Terriers, Toys, Non-Sporting and Working dogs were shown. On Tuesday, Herding, Sporting and Hounds were shown followed by Best in Show. The event was sponsored by Pedigree. The entire show was televised. There was no agility competition or meet the breeds.

Some of the entries numbers that year were 21 French Bull Dogs, 12 Smooth Coat Chihuahuas and 13 Japanese Chins.

In 2016, The 140th Westminster Dog Show will have 2752 total dogs entered, representing 197 breeds. 45 new breeds have been added since 1999. On Monday, Hounds, Toys, Non-Sporting and Herding dogs will compete. On Tuesday, Sporting, Working and Terriers will be shown followed by Best in Show. The entire show will not be shown on TV as it had been, just the highlights, it is just too long. Purina dog food now sponsors the show.

There will be 48 Frenchies, (they have become quite popular,) 6 Japanese Chins, and 17 Smooth Coat Chihuahuas shown this year.

It will still be wonderful to see the beautiful dogs, to enjoy the energy of the city and just have fun. But I do miss the good old days, I’m sure if you are a fan, you probably miss them too. Best wishes to all the competitors!



2015: Beagle – GCH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble (aka: “Miss P”)
2014: Fox Terrier (Wire) – GCH Afterall Painting The Sky (aka: “Sky”)
2013: Affenpinscher – GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari (aka: “Banana Joe”)
2012: Pekingese – Ch. Palacegarden Malachy (aka: “Malachy”)
2011: Scottish Deerhound – GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind (aka: “Hickory”)
2010: Scottish Terrier – Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot (aka: “Sadie”)
2009: Sussex Spaniel – Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee (aka: “Stump”)
2008: Beagle – Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First (aka: “Uno”)
2007: English Springer Spaniel – Ch. Felicity’s Diamond Jim (aka:”James”)
2006: Colored Bull Terrier – Ch. Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid (aka:”Rufus”)
2005: German Shorthaired Pointer – Ch. Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn Roses (aka:”Carlee”)
2004: Newfoundland – Ch. Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch Cove (aka:”Josh”)
2003: Kerry Blue Terrier – Ch. Torums Scarf Michael (aka:”Mick”)
2002: Miniature Poodle – Ch. Surrey Spice Girl (aka:”Spice”)
2001: Bichon Frise – Ch. Special Times Just Right (aka:”J.R.”)
2000: English Springer Spaniel – Ch. Salilyn ‘N Erin’s Shameless (aka:”Samantha”)
1999: Papillon – Ch. Loteki Supernatural Being (aka:”Kirby”)
1998: Norwich Terrier – Ch. Fairewood Frolic (aka:”Rocki”)
1997: Standard Schnauzer – Ch. Parsifal Di Casa Netzer
1996: Clumber Spaniel – Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise (aka: “Brady”)
1995: Scottish Terrier – Ch. Gaelforce Post Script (aka:”Peggy Sue”)
1994: Norwich Terrier – Ch. Chidley Willum The Conqueror (aka: “Willum”)
1993: English Springer Spaniel – Ch. Salilyn’s Condor (aka: “Robert”)
1992: Wire Fox Terrier – Ch. Registry’s Lonesome Dove (aka: “Lacey”)
1991: Standard Poodle – Ch. Whisperwind On A Carousel (aka: “Peter”)
1990: Pekingese – Ch. Wendessa Crown Prince (aka: “Prince”)

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