Westminster is in Two Weeks, And What Am I Going to Wear?

Under the spotlight at Westminster Kennel Club & Dog ShowWhen I first started handling show dogs about seven years ago I was taught to always dress well, wear a suit, and never clash with, or “out do” your dog. In other words; the dog is the star, not you! I have always tried to maintain that standard.

Recently I saw a post on David Frei’s Facebook page about a media person looking to do a story about the best dressed handlers at Westminster. I thought about all of the show dog handlers I know, most of them are always well groomed, well dressed and in good shape. OK, some of them have their own personal style shall we say, and some well maybe they could use a little help. But really, most look pretty good!

Westminster is a very popular dog show mainly because it is televised. A lot of people who watch Westminster have never been to a dog show. They see a few handlers who need a fashion make over and conclude we all don’t know how to dress. The other day a friend of mine (who has never been to a dog show) actually asked me if all handlers were fat. Really? I’m not fat. No, I said, most handlers look damn nice. Anyway that does not solve the question of what I am going to wear this year.

This will be my fourth year at the show. I have a confession; I did wear the same suit twice! But it was a really nice suit. Show dog handlers at Westminster love to sport the colors of the show; Purple and Gold. We do dress up for this one. You never know, you could win, and then you are on TV!!! So you better look good people!

And now I’ll go through my closet and decide what I will wear. I do recall I bought a nice gold skirt recently, and I have a pretty blazer with gold trim. I might still need a trip to Macy’s, anyway I know Rocky will look good!

For more information on this year’s event, visit http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2014/show/info.html

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