Westminster Diaries, 2014 : The Chihuahua Club of Greater New York Show (Day 1)

Westminster Diaries 2014 by Connie Newcomb : 2/8/14 - The Chihuahua Club of Greater New York Show (Day 1)On Saturday and Sunday, The Chihuahua Club of Greater New York held its shows. The entries were big, over forty dogs. Same people, same winners.One of the top winning Chihuahuas of all time was entered as a veteran; GCH Arywen’s Star Kissed Delight. I guess she’s still got it because she managed to win breed. Rocky did make the first cut on Saturday which was exciting. There were some dogs there I have never seen before. The mezzanine floor was very crowded, the doggie crowd was out in full force. The show people were showing off. There were a large number of women in fur coats. OK, we can see you are wealthy, fine, but for a dog show can’t you leave the mink at home? No wonder animal rights groups hate the AKC! We finished up around noon again and went out to lunch.

We went to Sushi Samba in the Flatiron district. We had a variety of small plates of their Brazilian-Japanese fusion dishes. This colorful restaurant was delightful and the food was tasty. Later, Jim and I met some dog show friends for drinks at the Affinia Hotel which is next to the Hotel Pennsylvania. It is a fancier place where all the judges stay. We sat around and of course talked about dogs. I remembered why I show up at these events, because I really like my dog show friends. Of Course everyone had an opinion about the winners of the day. No one agreed. We all think the judging is never fair. And we all agree it will never change but we still show up.

We would have joined them for dinner but we had plans with Margaret. That evening we went to another favorite place for dinner, Keens Steak house. There is such a vibe, it’s always crowded. Somehow you just relax and make friends with everyone around you. We ate in the Moose Room complete with a very large moose head. I had shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, a seriously perfect meal.

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