Were Dogs at the First Thanksgiving?

So I was asked recently if there were dogs present at the "First Thanksgiving" in 1621 or thereabouts during the times of the Pilgrims - and it threw me for a loop. Then I sort of remembered seeing a dog in a famous painting of the harvest celebration so I had to do a little digging. Mourt's Relation Much of what we know about the Pilgrims' earliest days comes from a publication called "Mourt's Relation" written by Edward Winslow and William Bradford … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Safety Questions

The fall holiday season is well underway. Halloween with all its sugary delights is in the books. But now the real festive eating begins with Thanksgiving. So with so much food sure to be around your house during the big meal times as well as for snacks, which foods are safe and more importantly, which ones pose special dangerous to your pets? Can Dogs Eat Turkey? According to the experts with the AKC, the answer here is a resounding 'Yes' and 'No.' … [Read more...]

Keeping Thanksgiving Happy and Safe

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I hope all my readers are able to feel the warmth and hear the voices of loved ones this holiday. So as our tables are laden with wondrous eats and our hearts overflow with good spirit, please remember to keep this time safe your pet as well. Here are a few common trouble areas: Fats & Skins Table scraps are best for the trash, not your furry friend. Keep the leftovers for the next day's meal (or midnight snack.) … [Read more...]

Dog Stories For This Thanksgiving

On this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, I'm highlighting a heartwarming story about the heartiness of the canine spirit. My own dogs' companionship and loyalty is something I am thankful for every day of the year. In Ecuador, a scruffy, miserable stray dog befriended a group of Swedish adventurers participating in the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship through the Amazon Rain Forest. Mikael Lindnord, of Team Peak Performance, who fed the … [Read more...]