Reiki For Animals

Many people have asked me about my experience with Reiki for shelter animals and how I got started. About a year ago I began to feel the need to do more for animals less fortunate than mine. I looked at my pack of well-fed and pampered pooches and thought about the dogs that did not have homes and laps to sit in. I knew I had to do something. I began to work more closely with one of the local shelters called Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter. We … [Read more...]

The Healing Practice of Reiki for Dogs

For the past few months I have been working on my certification to become a Reiki practitioner for both humans and animals. I have always had an interest in this practice and have received treatments myself in the past. But a few months ago I had what you could say was a a calling to learn Reiki. My ultimate goal was to use its healing power on shelter dogs as well as my own pets. I found a wonderful master teacher, Dr. Anthony Wojnar. He was a student … [Read more...]