Can Dogs Sense the Supernatural?

Dogs are certainly sensitive creatures that are much more aware of nature than we are. Their hearing and eyesight are highly developed. They know when someone is coming to the door before you do, when a family member is coming home from work or if that squirrel they’d like to catch is outside. When weather events are closing in, dogs seem to know. They can often predict an oncoming storm. But do they see ghosts? Many a paranormal investigator will … [Read more...]

Eight Chihuahuas and a Chin

I live with eight chihuahuas, a Japanese chin and a mutt. As much as the chihuahuas would like to think they run the show, it's simply not true. Yoshi, the chin is boss. I call her; The Benevolent Dictator. Whenever there is a conflict, Yoshi comes to the rescue! Everyone must get along. She does not allow discord. Penny Lane, the mutt loves Yoshi, because she will play with her when the others won't. Chihuahuas are clannish, but not the chin! … [Read more...]

Seattle Times pets columnist Ranny Green reviews “Dog Show Confidential” for Seattle Kennel Club

We are so pleased that readers are enjoying our book! The Seattle Kennel Club recently included it in their 'Picks of the Litter.' Ranny Green, a Seattle Times pets columnist and feature writer for three decades, was kind enough to post this review on the Seattle Kennel Club website. Congratulations as well to Mr. Green on his induction into the Dog Writers Association of America's (DWAA) Hall of Fame. The road to Westminster is paved with more potholes … [Read more...]