Chester’s Final Journey – a rescue dog’s story

Several heart-warming stories about loving dog owners treating their terminal pets to a grand farewell have made the news recently. One was Neil Rodriguez from New York City who took his 16-year-old dog Poh on a seven-week, 12,000 mile bucket list trek across the country. But another story hit especially close to home because this one involved a shelter dog. His name is Chester, a mixed breed with maybe a little miniature schnauzer in him. In April, he … [Read more...]

A Rescue Dog’s Christmas Poem

HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND BEST WISHES FOR 2015! Hope you all have a furry friend to snuggle with and lots of sloppy puppy kisses during this special holiday season. And thank you dear readers for all your wonderful support this past year. Here is one of my favorite poems. Please remember to support your local shelter. They need help throughout the year.   A Rescue Dog's Christmas Poem ‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the … [Read more...]

Rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Undergoes Amazing Transformation

It was hard to look at the photo of the little dog in the article I just read.  From ruff to regal, staggering transformation of rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after passers-by thought he was a pile of trash. [source: DailyMail] It seems a small dog abandoned in an alley in Montreal, covered in matted fur and filth, hardly able to walk, was rescued recently. The photos show him as a matted mess and then after a lot of bathing and shaving, as a very … [Read more...]