Safer Vaccination Guidelines for Dogs

Vaccination Safety“Over vaccination is not only a waste of money for animal guardians, but may jeopardize the long term health of our animal companions.” This, according to Dr. Michael Dym VMD, in an article entitled “Safer Vaccine Guidelines For Dogs” from Dogs Naturally, The Magazine for Dogs Without Boundaries.

He goes on to say; “Vaccine reactions are quite common and may occur not only immediately after the shot but over days or weeks later…”

Dr. Dym also notes many other health concerns due to over vaccination, including a possible link to cancer. I found this article informative and very helpful. He has successfully “compiled some short points to provide dog owners with an accessible easy to read guide to safer vaccination.

I urge everyone to read this article!

Over the years I have had three dogs (all chihuahuas) have severe reactions to a vaccination, one dog twice and always several hours after the shot. I have had to rush back into the vet’s office for emergency treatment. Needless to say, this was a scary situation I did not care to repeat. What if I had not been home when their head, eyes and ears swelled and they had trouble breathing. These three dogs no longer get shots except for rabies. I have since worked closely with my vets to find what works best for all of my dogs. Fortunately I love my vets and vaccination protocol has changed recently. In the past shots were given every year and sometimes two in one visit, now generally it is every three years. I think it is best to talk to your vet and find what is comfortable for you. You need to be your dog’s advocate. I have always followed my vets advice until I had chihuahuas. I asked myself ; is it safe for these tiny dogs to receive the same treatment as much larger dogs. I had two corgis previous to the toy dogs. They got multiple shots, flea and heartworm treatments, etc. as directed. They both died of cancer at ages ten and twelve.

Carl and Leeloo

Carl and Leeloo

Some say that the veterinary community insists on frequent vaccines because they feel most pet owners will not bring their animals in for just a yearly “well visit” if a shot is not required. Others go so far as to say vets are simply thinking of their own income; “If vaccinations weren’t required then many likely would not see the vet except when ill. And the vets would lose revenue. It appears that the health of our animals comes down to maintenance of income.”  [source]

Regardless it is very important to have your pet in for a yearly visit whether a shot is required or not. Your pet’s health is up to you. And; if you are not happy with your vet, change, go to someone you trust and ask questions!

Most importantly, do your own research and take good care of your dog!

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