Hip Replacement Surgery For One Lucky Dog

Percy, an 18 month old stray, received a hip replacementHip replacement surgery is a common and highly successful procedure for humans. But did you know that dogs also can have a hip replaced? For dogs that have been injured or suffer from hip dysplasia, this can be life-saving.

I saw a very heartwarming story on the news the other day about one very lucky dog. Percy, an 18 month mixed breed, was roaming the streets in the Bahamas. He had been hit by a car and was found crawling around unable to walk. Percy was rescued by a NY based group and flown to the states. He had surgery to remove the damaged bone but was still in pain.

Percy-hip-replacement-for-dogs-2His adopted mom, Trish Chinitz, sought further treatment. She met Dr. Rob Hart, an Orthopedic Vet at The Animal Medical Center and discovered that even dogs can have a hip replaced.

Total hip replacements for pets have been around since 1957 but are done only a few thousand times a year, compared with more than 300,000 times a year for humans. [source: NY Times] However, as the technology has evolved, the procedure is becoming more popular. Dr. Hart performs 50 to 60 a year at the Animal Medical Center. “We’re doing 1 or 2 a week,” Hart said. “It is becoming more popular because people are starting to expect the same kind of health care they’re getting for themselves, or their family members, for their pets.”

Percy-hip-replacement-for-dogs-3Within 24 hours after surgery Percy was able to walk on all fours without difficulty. Today Percy has made a full recovery and is running and playing like a young pup should in his loving home!

Hip replacements in dogs generally last for their lifetime, as opposed to humans due to life expectancy.. But the costs are considerable, running upwards of $5-6,000. Total replacement surgery is just one option for animals suffering from extreme injury or a congenital deformity of the hip joint.

In an upcoming post I will talk more in-depth about hip replacement surgery options as well as hip dysplexia. In the meantime, please check out Percy’s remarkable story at http://www.fox5ny.com/news/114125089-story.


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