Flea Season Is Here

Carl and Leeloo getting ready for the fall weatherNow that autumn has arrived you might think flea season is coming to a close. Think again!

This time of year, even here in Pennsylvania, fleas are thriving. In fact, as the days grow cooler fleas are still everywhere. Although fleas and tics are generally found in the woods and high grasses your dog can still pick up fleas no matter where he is.

Many years ago when we lived in New Jersey, in a busy suburb of New York, I did not think fleas were a problem. We had a Corgi named Simon at the time.

The breeder I got Simon from told me to give him a brewers yeast tablet to keep fleas away, rather then treat him with a prevention medicine. That seemed to work, or so I thought. As the fall weather grew cooler the last thing I imagined was dealing with fleas on my dog.  We did not live near tall grass or the woods but we did have a lot of small critters living around our house, especially skunks. I suspect the skunks had fleas.

Well it seemed like overnight Simon and our house became infested. It was quite a task to get rid of them. We cleaned, sanitized, bathed and flea bombed, until there were no more fleas. I never want to do that again! Since then I have never had a flea on any of my dogs.

Scheme flea anatomy-en.png
Scheme flea anatomy-en” by Al2Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Dog Flea - Ctenocephalides canis
DOG FLEA (Ctenocephalides canis)
Ctenocephalides-canis“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 es via Commons.

It is very important to check your dog often for fleas and tics this time of year. “Flea dirt” is easy to detect, black specks in your dog’s fur, that when exposed to water turn red. This is the excrement from the flea.

This is a sure sign of fleas and it’s time to call your vet. Flea prevention comes in many forms. I recommend asking your vet’s advice especially if you have a small dog. Doses can be too strong in some medications for a tiny dog.

If you see even one flea, beware they can take over quickly. Fleas can’t fly but they can jump and they bite, not just dogs but people as well.

So as the lovely fall weather approaches, be sure to check your pets for pests. And call your vet immediately if you have a problem.

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One of our readers, McKibbin Brady from Reviews.com, submitted this resource entitled “A Guide to Flea and Tick Season.” The article written by By Robert Gould gives a useful rundown of what to do when those little critters cause problems for your beloved pet. It is a very interesting read with an extensive number of external references and linked articles and I encourage you to check it out!

Topics include:

  • When is Flea and Tick Season?
  • Prevention Tips
  • Signs Your Pet Has Fleas and How to Kill Them
  • Signs Your Pet Has a Tick and How to Remove One

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