Westminster 2013

137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowWe are back home from NYC resting after Westminster. Bill and I made it to all the specialty shows and many parties. We had a blast in NYC. Rocky also joined in the festivities although he was not entered in any shows this year.

We enjoyed excellent drinks and meals with family and friends. Our hotel (The Event) was fabulous and very dog friendly. We had a wonderful time.

But we didn’t win a thing! In fact I felt ignored. I guess I just can’t compete with the “big dogs” and famous handlers. Westminster was not the same. The venue at the Piers was large and comfortable but it just wasn’t the garden. There was no energy in the new space. I’m so happy I got to compete in years past. I wonder if it will ever have the magic again. Oh well, I am very proud of my boy Bill.

We will continue to seek that grand championship, just a few points to go. I’ll keep you posted. BTW the book is selling well. I am a local celebrity. I guess I’d better start dressing better when I go to the grocery store!!!

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